Why You Should Only Buy Natural Health Medications From a Trusted Source

A large number of Americans fall somewhere in the middle between conventional medical treatment and alternative health remedies. For a broken leg, they will go to the ER. For a sinus infection, they will reach for one of the many alternative remedies such as organic apple cider vinegar, colloidal silver or a saline rinse. For cancer, they may try both standard medical treatments and various alternative remedies.

Buy Products From a Trusted Source

One of the major difficulties in using alternative medications is the quality variance. A particular supplement could be manufactured in factories in different parts of the world. Some will be consistently produced to a high quality. Some won’t. Drugs manufactured to FDA guidelines are generally consistent. This is not a recommendation of the FDA or western medicine, but a recognition of a problem faced by those who prefer alternative medications or supplements.

If you find a product that works for you, stick with it. Buying a similar product from an unknown internet source because it’s cheaper can be a mistake. Alternative health products is a “buyer beware” market. A product purchased from India, Turkey or elsewhere for the first time may not provide the same benefit as a product purchased previously from a different manufacturer. Whether the source of a natural supplement is local or foreign, read reviews before buying. When a reliable source is found, stay with the company and recommend them to others.

The Dosage Dilemma

In western medicine, the recommended dosage of a medication is generally arrived at after studies. Various dosages will have been tried. The final recommended dose will be the average dose that worked. Of course, no one is average. People react to medications differently. This is why it’s sometimes necessary to take more or less of a medication in order to benefit.

With alternative medications, it can be more difficult to maintain the dosage that works best for you. The same product from different manufacturers may have more of less of the active ingredient. If you’ve learned that 20 mg of “x” works, be sure to read the label before buying from a different manufacturer. Once again, that goes back to buying from a trusted source.

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