The Importance of the Super Certified Nursing Assistant

In consideration of the fragmented healthcare system in the United States and the co-existence of numerous health disparities and case of chronic illness, there has been a major focus on reducing healthcare costs. As part of doing so, the policies and procedures governing a healthcare organization becomes the number one priority. Healthcare personnel are the core in the achievement of the goal of a reduction in spending in healthcare. Because staff is the core in controlling costs, healthcare organizations must focus on the essential vs. non-essential as well as efficiency vs. inefficiency. There will be costs, but they should be essential and necessary for providing quality patient care. Consequently, when those costs are incurred, the care that takes place should be efficient. If the care is efficient, it will be based on professional standards of practice for all healthcare.

One of the most essential healthcare positions is that of the certified nursing assistant. Although licensed nurses can perform the same duties, they are an adjunct to other roles and responsibilities combined which causes an entire level of care to become at risk or neglect: the fundamentals of nursing.

The fundamentals of nursing are the basic duties of the certified nursing assistant in the health care setting. They are based on activities of daily living: bathing, dressing, grooming, feeding, and ambulation. These are activities necessary for basic independence and survival. When a patient is admitted to a healthcare facility or to the services of a healthcare agency, these activities are strong indicators of recovery, function, and the ability to care for self. These essential activities are the decisive factors in determining a patient’s level of care; factors that are critical in choosing placement. Thus, placement depends on whether or not a patient can be cared for by family or needs placement in a facility. Having staff designated to support these ongoing functions is the key to reducing healthcare costs; the higher the function level, the less dollars to be spent.

Therefore, the Super C.N.A., a well-trained, well-educated, and well-prepared nursing assistant, is crucial to any healthcare organization and most certainly a worthwhile investment.