Raising the Bar for Medical Healthcare Nursing

medical and healthcare entrepreneurs has been a good year in raising the bar when it comes to business. And this time of the year, a greater expectation from 2008 is something to look forward to. But good changes in the business most likely comes from the people, the business owners and its employees. Change in working habits, change in management, setting goals and plans and turning it into action. It is performance that is being measured when it comes to the success of a business or an individual. How he govern himself or the company and its people that makes a total difference.

Goal-setting is absolutely necessary for happy living. But the goal is only part of the desired procedures. We need to know which roads to take to reach the goal. In many cases we set far-reaching goals but neglect the short-range ones. With such short-range plans, we need self-discipline in our actions – study when it is time to study, read when it is time to read, and so on – not permitting an undesirable overlap, but getting our full measure of rewards and blessing from the time we invest in a particular activity.

First, think about your life and set your priorities. Find some quiet time regularly to think deeply about where you are going and what you will need to do to get there. We need to do the same thing occasionally to rejuvenate ourselves. Write down the tasks you would like to accomplish each day.

Second, set short-term goals that you can reach. Set goals that are well balanced – not too many not too few, and not too high nor too low. Write down your attainable goals and work on them according to their importance.

Managing our time gives us control over our lives. Let us provide time for our family, time for work, time for service, time for recreation, time for self, and time for spirituality. First, we have a responsibility to our families. Second, we have a responsibility to our employers. Third we have a responsibility to ourselves.