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A Healthcare Crisis Nears

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LPN Nursing Schools

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New Handbook Aids Healthcare Professionals

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What You Should Know Before Going to Nursing

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Public Healthcare Nursing

Healthcare is not only about treating diseases and administering medications. With the knowledge we have today, healthcare is becoming more of a preventative medicine than an after the fact treatment. Public health nursing is becoming one of the more popular ways to educate whole communities and to improve the neighborhoods overall safety and health.

Preventative medicine has been around since the ancient times, and is referenced frequently in Greek mythology. Though for many centuries healthcare was viewed as caring for those who were already sick, public health nursing has helped to bring preventative care back into the spotlight. Public health nursing, or PNH, really emerged with Florence Nightengale when nursing became a bonafide occupation. Caring for the sick and the poor soon led to programs like the Lillian Wald Henry Street Settlement in New York City, where the nurses went on to educate the patients as well as organizations on preventative techniques and practices.

As a public health nurse, you are able to work with diverse populations, often in somewhat downtrodden settings that can range from a school, to a worksite, to a neighborhood. The goal is to make the