Is Receiving an Education in Nursing

What does nursing entail?

Nursing has been described as a simple as well as a complex profession. The protection and promotion of health and the prevention of illness and injury, plus the alleviation of suffering through diagnosis and treatment may seem like simple tasks, but in a world filled with complex health issues it is anything but simple. Nurses combine knowledge and theory with clinical training then add compassion, understanding, dedication and dependability to the mix to treat individuals, families and communities in the art of maintaining optimum health. In order to provide the energy needed to bring a sense of balance to the diversity that exists in healthcare, nurses elect to specialize in specific areas of study. Some of those areas include long term and home health care, pediatrics, administrative study, geriatrics, cardiac surgery, oncology and mental health. For additional information, visit online nursing education to read about the many different fields of nursing, salary expectations, degrees and programs offered by schools.

Why should I study nursing?

The healthcare industry is expanding and the technology within the industry is advancing at an incredible rate. There are over 2,700,000 registered nurses in the U.S. today and statistics show that the demand for nurses will increase by 25% over the next six years. The industry needs to add over 236,000 nurses a year to keep up with expansion and retiring nurses. Hospitals are creating employment packages to attract nurses that include flexible hours, shorter work weeks, signing bonuses, cash advances and lucrative insurance and retirement packages, along with excellent weekly compensation. A licensed practicing nurse can expect to earn around $37,000 to $40,000 their first year without overtime and a RN earns $47,000 to $50,000 depending on the city and the facility. A nurse who has a masters degree can earn well over $60,000 and a doctorate degree commands between $72,000 and $75,000 the first year. Statistics show that nurses in larger hospitals earn more than nurses in smaller facilities and the location and type of facility play a role in a nurse’s earning potential.

Is there a difference between studying nursing online and a classroom setting?

Most people feel the classroom offers one-on-one interaction with the instructor. The size of the class and the influences that contribute to classroom distractions make it difficult for instructors to give each student the personal attention they want and need. Studying nursing online has not only changed the way nursing is being taught, it has made completing the work easier and less expensive. Emails, teleconferencing and frequent interaction between the student and the instructor makes the learning experience more of a one-on-one relationship. Online study uses several tools to help students understand the theory of nursing, as well as the skills involved in the profession. Online study can be incorporated into the student’s personal schedule; there’s no need to go to a specific place at a set time in order to study, which makes learning a more relaxed experience. Most of the fees required by classroom study are eliminated with online courses, so there is a definite cost advantage.

Is there hands on training in an online nursing program?

The traditional classroom offers hands-on clinical experience on site at specific times, which can be restrictive especially in today’s multi-tasking environment. Online study gives the student the opportunity to learn in a local hospital using visiting instructors. Some hospitals use staff nurses to teach students the various skills needed in certain procedures. As the student progresses mentors are assigned, so information can be shared about advanced techniques and practices. Telecommunicating with an online instructor helps the student understand certain skills. Video demonstrations allow the student to perform certain procedures at home. Forums and chat rooms give the student the opportunity to discuss clinical situations with other students and the instructor, so there is a constant flow of valuable information available. When all the options are considered, studying nursing online is an excellent way to earn nursing certification.

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