Florida Nursing Schools

You’ve decided to become a nurse, now you have to choose a program of study. Florida residents have the opportunity to choose from many different degree programs. If you want to start working right away, you might consider starting out as an LPN. LPN programs are usually only a year long, allowing you to quickly enter the workforce. You can always return to school to attain your RN degree. There also are online LPN to RN programs available, which is a convenient way to attain your degree while working.

National Council Licensure Examination (NCLEX)

After graduating from a program of study, students must sit for the NCLEX exam. This is the test which determines if they can safely practice in a healthcare facility. It is a computerized exam that consists of 256 questions, the program shuts off any time after answering 75 questions when they demonstrate competency. The program may also shut off any time after answering 75 questions if they demonstrate they are not competent to practice.

Nursing Degrees

Associate in Science programs are designed to be completed in two years or a little less. This type of program covers mandatory areas of healthcare nursing which successfully prepares students to work in hospitals, clinics and long-term care facilities as staff nurses.

Bachelor of Science programs prepare students for supervisory and charge positions. They also prepare students for higher degrees. This type of programs has a high concentration on theory and writing research papers. They also have clinical rotations in various types of health care facilities.

Masters of Science programs prepare students to become clinical specialists, nurse practitioners and educators.

PhD or Doctorate programs prepare students to become professors and leaders of healthcare.

Nursing Schools in Florida

Florida State College offers an Associate’s degree program which can be completed in two years and a Bachelor’s degree programs which is completed in four years. Both programs prepare students to sit for the National Council Licensure Examination (NCLEX).

Florida Keys Community College has an Associate’s degree program which is completed in twenty-two months. This programs prepare students for the NCLEX exam. They are known for students having a high pass rate.