Enjoyment With Nurse Programs

The health industry is the fastest growing industry with a labor shortage. Whether a person is looking for lifelong employment opportunities in a profession they can enjoy or desire to be one of the angels of the healing world bringing hope and comfort to distressed people and their families, nursing fills the bill. Hospitals, doctors’ offices and other healthcare providers desperately need qualified help. Whatever an individual’s interest is, one of these nursing programs will allow them to work in the field of their choice at a well-paying job with long term employment.

Although there are basically two types of regular nursing programs requiring two or four years of education, there are many advanced designations as well as quick nursing assistants’ opportunities. Licensed practical nurses, called LPNs, usually attend college for two years while registered nurses, RN’s, get an Associate Bachelors degree with four years of education. During this time students can focus on an area of interest.

With these degrees, the opportunities are endless. These visions in white and soft pastel colors with soft voices and cool hands assist people through difficult times. Deciding on which area or areas to specialize in requires only three considerations: individual interests, where a person wants to work and the future of that profession. There are openings for professionals in any field. Students may choose to pursue more than one or start with one and gain additional certification later. Basically nurse programs are a smorgasbord of opportunities waiting to be sampled.

As the population ages, long-term, primary, managed and ambulatory care nurse programs are important as these focus on older patients with special needs. Some of the newer fields include telephone triage, neuroscience and perianesthesia nursing. An interest in children draws people towards the pediatric nurse programs while individuals with an interest in diseases may choose an infection control field or AIDES care. Surgery always requires competent help while cardiac rehabilitation, intravenous therapy, reconstructive surgery and occupational injuries are expanding fields full of lucrative positions.

Nursing does not just happen in hospitals, doctors’ offices and other medical facilities. Flight nurses attend emergency transports on helicopters while school nurses staff medical facilities at different schools and home healthcare nurses assist patients in their homes. A forensic nurse determine why someone died, military nurses follow troops. Nurse programs train future writers of medical journals. Who could be better qualified than a nurse to represent pharmaceutical companies and explain the benefits of new medicine, equipment and procedures to other professionals?

Nursing skills and licenses are transferable. Adventurous individuals, who like to travel, can move freely from one location to another. Designated travel nurses filling vacancies at different hospitals live in an area for three months and then move to the next appointment.