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What You Should Know Before Going to Nursing

 Nursing is a profession that can never cease in demand. As long as there is healthcare, nursing will also exist hand in hand. If you are considering a career in nursing then there are many considerations that you will need to go over very seriously in order to be able to succeed. A nursing school is also by no means inexpensive so you will also need to consider the financial implications of it before you get into it. Thanks to the development of technology, today you can even go in for cheap online nursing classes which give you the same amount of recognition as a nurse. Some more things that you will need to take into account when you get into nursing are your own desires. The desire to help people is not a very common one and you should not consider nursing simply because the money is good.

Choosing an area of specialization is also important if you want to forward your career. As most fields of nursing today require different specializations for you to complete, it is very important that you choose a field that you are comfortable with. There are also some specific licenses that are required for some specializations that you will need to take special care of. Assess yourself before you decide a long term career goal in nursing.

This is also equally important as you will be able to grow faster in the area of your strength rather than the area of your interest if there is some form of conflict between the two. Your career goes in a different direction if you want an advanced degree in nursing. You will have to analyze that aspect too before you choose a course in nursing as some courses take a longer time as compared to others.

Think Before You Fill Out Forms For Those Nursing

There have always been a lot of nursing vacancies advertised in the papers. People are taking up these jobs like never before, and still there are new nursing vacancies created everyday. As the population increases around the globe, necessitating more and more people to require healthcare, nursing jobs are also increasing in demand. Nursing today is considered to be a very respectable profession, almost at par with the jobs of the doctors themselves. They are highly paying too, which makes them much in demand careers for people who are still deciding the future course o their lives.
However, there are a few things people need to know before applying for nursing vacancies. It is important to know about the field before taking the plunge into the profession. Here is a list of the attributes you will need in before you think of applying form to take up a nursing course.
Remember that nursing is not for the weak of heart. Nurses will be surrounded quite often by disease and sometimes by even death. If you want to be a nurse, you will need to be unfettered by all these occurrences and learn to take them in your stride as a practical progression of life itself. If you are learning to be a specialist nurse like an oncology nurse, you will have to continuously interact with people who are on their deathbeds. If you feel you are not up to it, do not take a nursing profession and do injustice to the people who will be placed in your care. Or, at least try to take up a nursing job that is not so grueling on the nerves.
Nurses are also expected to clean up the messes created by their patients. They will often have to change soiled bed-sheets and bedpans. They might have to face distress when their patients have incontinence and diarrhea. Nurses are also responsible to maintain the hygiene of the patients and to change their clothes, etc. If hygiene is not your strong point, please do not apply.
The nursing profession is taxing on the body and mind, no doubt, but the course you have to undertake to become a nurse is also enough nerve-wracking. There is too much to study, and most of the stuff will be quite difficult. You might have to stay up long hours to finish your lessons. After a year of studies you can begin working as an LPN nurse, but the burden will be quite high as you will have to continue studying and work also.
In your initial years as a nurse, you will have to follow the instructions of nurse managers, senior qualified nurses, registered nurses and doctors. Hence, you must be obedient till you can hold out on your own. Obedience is a very important trait in a successful nurse.
Another very important quality you will need to have is love. You have to be compassionate to all the patients under your care, and not treat them like a businessperson would treat clients. You will need to be understanding with them, and instill in them a will to fight their disease and live a better life.

What It Takes to Become a Nurse

There is shortage of licensed and trained nurses as compared to the expected vacancies. According to the information got from different employment agencies, the need for nurses is rising and in the previous years, nursing careers have become rather productive and required after resulting into a more benefits packages and higher compensation. Even though the main role is to take care of patients and assist the doctors, the professionalism in nursing offers several career opportunities within it.

Specialization areas

Careers in nursing involve specialization in certain parts of medical support functions. For example, a skilled nurse might have a chance to apply her expertise to offer training and supervision for the various medical and nursing staff. Others might decide to serve in health insurance companies or military. Some careers in nursing involve being a trauma nurse, school nurse, or nurse educator. Other career titles are public and home healthcare nurse. When considering the various careers, it is crucial you understand that all the above tasks are based upon the education courses you have chosen. You can actually begin with an entry-level training course and continue to getting a PHD.

Types of Degrees

You can acquire an associate degree that is a two-year course. The qualification of this degree is actually a high school diploma. You must also have performed well in English, Mathematics, Biology and Chemistry. This degree offers the basic proficiency, knowledge and training that require nurses to service the patients. You can also find online nursing courses. During the early stages, entry-level graduate nurses have longer orientations in a certain area of a health care competence. You will have to graduate from the nursing course, take a test and acquire a state board RN licensure.

As graduates can start their career as a registered nurse with an associate degree, a 4-year degree course known as the Bachelor of Science, is a more comprehensive course that offers in detail knowledge concerning all characteristics of nursing.

Advanced Degrees

For an advanced degree, it requires you to register for a Master of Science in Nursing degree. This is recommended to those with adequate experience and willing to more in nursing. This involves being promoted to being nurse administrator, practitioners, or anesthetics.

As the nursing field provides a huge range of specialties, it is important to evaluate the various options, study the different schools and the qualities of their courses that fit your aptitude, interest and capability.

Nursing Is a Rewarding Profession

Have you ever considered a career in nursing? For many nurses, they find their work brings them joy, fulfillment and a few surprises each day. Want to know more perks of being a nurse? Here are a few of the rewards:

Impact the lives of others

Nurses help patients on a daily basis, which is why most find the profession personally fulfilling. Do you love to work with young children? Or, do you have a special place in your heart for the elderly? With so many facets of healthcare, nurses can choose their specialty, working in a field of care that best suits them.

Flexible schedules

Nurses are needed in hospitals, clinics, assisted living facilities, schools and more. With the varying industries comes the ability to choose a facility that offers the hours you’d like to work. Clinics typically offer nurses the opportunity to work 9-to-5 where hospitals and senior care facilities need around the clock care so shift work is often available.


Nursing is ideal for those that thrive in a fast-paced environment. No two days are alike-just like no two patients are alike. Nursing promises lifelong learning. With advancements in technology and changes in patient care, nurses are able to learn and hone new skills.

Job security

Nurses are a critical component within the healthcare system. As the population continues to age, the need for nurses will increase. Job security is strong. Registered nurses (RNs) top the Bureau of Labor Statistics list for highest employment growth although home health aides come in a close second.

There are also opportunities for career advancement. Many nurses pursue management positions, complete continuing education to move into a different specialty or put their years of knowledge to good use as they teach up-and-coming nurses.

Respectable pay

In addition to being a satisfying and gratifying career, nurses find the career provides excellent wages and benefits. The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports the median salary for a RN was just over $65,000 in 2013. The best-paid 10 percent of RNs made more than $96,000. And, just as other full-time jobs, nurses generally receive medical, dental, vacation and other benefits from the employer.

Endless opportunities

Nurses are needed everywhere-across the country and throughout the world. The skills and experienced gained as a nurse can be applied in countless situations. But, the most successful nurses are the women and men that treat patients with care and compassion-qualities that lead them to the rewarding career in the first place.